***These instructions are for the iOS version.***

When you register on the app, there’ll be a pop up saying to check your email for the activation link. We’ve removed this step, so you just have to log in.

If you can’t see the listing you just loaded, pull down on the screen and release to reload the newest listings.

Images are blurry – Check to see if the WiFi and/or Cell signal is weak. Some of the images are from large files which may take some time to load.

Property icons are not showing up on the map – This is usually due to a poor WiFi and/or Cell signal.

If you are looking up a town or city in Connecticut in the Search function, spell out the state name instead of using the CT abbreviation. The search engine will interpret CT as Court.

In some instances, if you have both QuantumListing and Adobe Acrobat installed, PDFs automatically load as images in your e mail, rather than PDF documents that you can load into QuantumListing. So, if you want to add a PDF from your e mail into the QuantumListing app so you can add it to a listing, try temporarily uninstalling Adobe Acrobat.

If the app crashes, it may be that you don’t have enough RAM because too many apps are open. Try closing your other apps by double tapping on the home button and swiping up on the open apps to close them.

Let us know if you have any other issues by sending an email to [email protected].



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