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Chad Massaker
Chad Massaker is a long-time serial entrepreneur who has turned his considerable depth of experience and skill to the business of real estate, primarily driven by a desire to use what he knows to help clients adroitly navigate real estate transactions. Having worked primarily in technology, digital marketing, and sales, and boasting a nearly peerless personal online network, Chad is adept at solving problems, making connections, and finding the right information. Shifting to real estate has enabled him to apply his varied interests and proficiencies in a capacity that is much more people-focused. His singular perspective helps Chad create strategic outcomes for his clients. The tangible effects—constructing a successful deal—are less vital for him than the more intangible, knowing people will benefit from his collaboration. As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Chad knows what it’s like to be a business owner looking for space and negotiating lease issues. He is able to call upon his exceptional technical abilities to find off-market inventory, and fully optimize digital reach to market a property. You’ll find working with Chad to be exciting, energizing, and ultimately more productive than you could imagine with any other agent. Relocating from Atlanta to Palm Beach, Chad is highly optimistic about the region and the opportunities presented by challenge. With commerce in flux, evolving demographics, and demand in development, South Florida is dynamic and a compelling place to be involved with real estate. Personally as well as professionally, Chad’s achievements are many. He is highly philanthropic, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the arts, and previously founding a charity, Tap Out Human Trafficking. Only committing himself to his passions 100 percent, Chad is a level 2 certified sommelier, certified tobacconist, certified SCUBA diver, gold- and silver-medal winner in Jiu Jitsu from the Pan Am Games, and multiple national gold-medal winner in Judo. With technology, innovation, tactical thinking, and the right questions asked, Chad wants his experiences and lessons learned to be your advantage.
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