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Simon Malak
As of October 1st, Simon Malak, founder and CEO of CIRG Brokerage Inc., joined Keller Williams as the Commercial Director of the Los Feliz office and is committed to recruiting and coaching commercial agents to reach higher levels of success. His experience extends over 20 years in commercial real estate from acquisition to development and brokerage. As founder of CIRG, he has specialized in the representation of high net-worth individuals, mainly from the sports and entertainment sectors, who sought to purchase, sell, and lease luxury residential real estate and commercial real estate investments. Prior, Simon founded and managed Mal-Comm Brokerage & Real Estate Group (‘MBREG’) in 2015 as a value-added commercial real estate brokerage, serving as President and Senior Broker. Since the development of MBREG, Simon has worked on projects such as the sale and acquisition of the Thompson and Sixty hotels, as well as the offering for the sale of Mr. C’s Hotel. He has managed the acquisition, entitlements, and development process for all deals assembled by companies such as SY Development, HJ Development, SJA Realty, SJA Real Estate Group, and Citywide Developments. In earlier years, Mr. Malak worked with Walt Disney Imagineering ‘WDI’, the real estate acquisition and development arm of the parent company, The Walt Disney Company. As the Director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Development from 1997-2001, Malak managed the property development portfolio for the Disney’s California Adventure Project and the initial negotiations for the Hong-Kong Disneyland, a combined portfolio of over $5.85 billion. Through close contacts, he has worked with numerous major retail firms to negotiate franchising and leasing agreements. These major retailers include Jiffy Lube, EZ Lube, Phillips 66/Conoco Phillips, Pennzoil Oil Company, Texaco/Shell Oil Company, Carl’s Jr. Restaurants, Goodyear Tire Company, Koo-Koo-Roo Chicken, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Chili’s, House of Blues, and Islands restaurants. From performing feasibility studies of projects targeted for acquisition through negotiating purchase agreements to the final disposition of residential and commercial projects, Mr. Malak has had an array of real estate business experience which has honed his expertise in the field, strengthened his circle of influence, and broadened his vision. Simon Malak aims to utilize his professional experience and vital knowledge of the industry to recruit confident and capable commercial agents and broker associates, as well as coach and mentor them in the realm of commercial real estate. As a mentor, he is committed to promote success and productivity in agents, in hopes of helping them achieve their own vision of success in their businesses within the Keller Williams brand.
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