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Chris Blankenship
Chris Blankenship serves NCG Commercial Real Estate as a Senior Advisor and Consultant. He has worked with NCG since 2008, and has focused on development and analyzing other commercial income producing properties. His ability as a technician gives Chris a unique ability to find solutions in transactions to both Buyers and Sellers. His prior experience includes working in both Legal and the Public Accounting fields; focusing on forensic accounting and tax disciplines. Wanting to push outside that realm, Chris dedicated himself to becoming a Commercial Real Estate Professional over a decade ago, where using his unique talents in communication and analysis would serve clients well. He graduated with a Bachelors of Accounting from the University of Texas - San Antonio, and holds a CPA license in the State of Texas. Chris enjoys each personal relationship. He always elaborates on the importance of getting beyond numbers to understand a client or customer's overall situation to identify their needs, interests, and goals. Taking into account the different factors that matter to the person (or people) becomes an important driver of the overall process when it comes to navigating and structuring a real estate transaction. In his spare time, Chris enjoys photography, mountain biking, hiking, and traveling with his wife.
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