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Alex Delannoy
Growing up in Toulouse, France, I always dreamed that one day I would have the opportunity to pursue the American dream. I’ve always had a strong drive and a burning desire to discover new experiences and knowledge. My travels through Europe and the rest of the world have created a great love for the diversity & culture I experienced. I followed my passion and arrived in the United States in 2006 under exciting yet unique circumstances. I was a professional paintball player and was blessed to have realized my dream by eventually joining one of the best teams in the world here in Tampa. My entrepreneur spirit led me to create my own business and in 2010 I opened the doors of Action Paintball & Laser Tag in Winter Haven. The facilities include a retail pro-shop while offering 5 different activities and welcoming more than 35,000 players with hundreds of parties each year. With 30 + trained employees, Action Paintball was rated one of the best fields in Florida. It also exceeded my original business plan from inception and was successfully purchased by an investor in March 2017. My business allowed me to stay engaged with the community and my desire to meet people on a personal and professional level led me to the real estate industry. I started my career in residential while being part of the number one sales team in my county with over 400 units sold per year. I enjoy the dynamics of investing and advising on all aspects of real estate transactions and it wasn’t long until my experience and passion led me to commercial real estate where my team and I assist clients through Keller Williams Commercial division whose focus on client’s relationships and technology made it the fastest growing commercial real estate in the United States. I’m a strong believer in personal development and am very grateful for all the people I have met and who have helped me. I love to achieve and provide results by creating opportunities through analyzing the problem and finding a durable solution by using all resources available. In order to succeed in a project, I’ve been known to create new resources and solutions and I’m always looking at new ways to add value and skills. I look forward to meeting with you on how my commitment and experience can meet your needs and goals.
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