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Steven Gillespie
Texas Office Advisors, LLC was founded by Steven Gillespie in 2016 on the premise that unbiased representation offers the best results. With this platform, we are able to provide consistency of service for smaller entrepreneurial companies, as well as larger corporations. We have successfully negotiated leases for national, global, and publicly traded entities along with carefully tailoring lease arrangements for locally owned organizations. Prior to starting Texas Office Advisors, Steven Gillespie began his real estate career in Illinois in 2010 where he honed his real estate and negotiation skills in the competitive Chicago marketplace. Steve obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University and completed the University of Texas at Austin Real Estate Program to earn his Texas license. In 2013, Steve made the life choice to move to the Great State of Texas to better pursue his career and personal interests. While away from the office, Steve lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and dogs where they enjoy spending time outdoors and seeing all of the sights that Texas has to offer.
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