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jeffrey Lease
I am the third generation of brokers in a family owned and operated business which began with my grandfather John J. Lease Sr. in 1938. Real estate has been dinner time banter since I was a child. I have lived and worked in Newburgh for most of my life. I lived outside of the area to receive Architectural training and graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1991. I taught at Penn State and went on to work in New York City where I worked for the office's of Ulrich Franzen and then Aldo Giurgola. In 1989 my grandfather asked me to join the firm and I relocated back to Newburgh where I married, had children, and have lived ever since. I think my strengths as a Broker are the strengths you would expect an Architect to have; detail oriented, unafraid of complexity in a deal, and the ability to see possibilities others may not. I have developed and sold my own investment properties and am currently the owner of 15 multifamily units. I gleaned from experience what it is to own investment real estate and manage it. I try to share this insight with customers and clients. The Hudson Valley is a magnificent place to live with the River as your constant companion. As a marathon runner I have ambled thru the loveliest of landscapes with the friends I've made along the way. This is a sacred place for me and I do not take the landscape or the people who inhabit it for granted.
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