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Matthew Wisniewski, CCIM
My name is Matthew Wisniewski and I help investors maximize their real estate investment returns. My mission is to guide clients through each step of the planning process and help them look at the entire picture when examining different investments. With my experience in investment buildings like multifamily apartments, retail and office buildings, I can demonstrate real world wealth accumulation methods that take into account taxation and periodic cash flows. By accounting for after tax dollars and leverage those savings over the life of an investment, we are able to offer guidance towards real estate that meets each client’s risk and return requirements. My team is here for you for every part of your investment cycle. From purchase to leasing and right through to disposition, we are able to keep your plan executed. I also can help those who want a better strategy for their real estate holdings and a long term goal for returns and how to plan for that outcome. To learn more about my services and team, please visit us online at: www.rcgmichigan.com or call me at 517-321-2800 Ext 118
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