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David Seay, CCIM, BIC
Hello My Name is … #Hustle4Ever, but you can call me David Seay. I am Business Broker and Real Estate Broker in South Carolina residing in Charleston. Marketing Expertise is no longer missing from the real estate and business brokerage industry. The ONE THING so commonly overlooked by the seller or landlord when hiring a real estate or business broker, is the firm’s actual marketing expertise. Your listing must stand out from the crowd. With over 7,600 properties and businesses for sale or lease at any given moment, a broker must get the word out and reach past even their own contacts as it takes over 20,000 impressions, clicks or views to get an offer. The Marketing Portion of the Sales Cycle is typically the longest part so you need a true campaign approach. When you decide to sell or you need to attract a tenant, you want to see results quickly. Seay Development knows how to HUSTLE. Want to learn more and connect? https://pg227-3f8f55.pages.infusionsoft.net/ Faith/Family/Fitness/CommUnity I am happily married and a father of four children and two little dogs (obviously, I lost the vote) and am passionate about my #Hustle4Ever Way of Life. ABOUT DAVID SEAY, CCIM, BIC: You will see #Hustle4Ever on my marketing system, but it is even bigger than that... it is a way of life after many years of study, prayer and discernment. The #Hustle4Ever way of life focuses on Faith, Family, Fitness, Business/CommUnity. I can help you in any area mentioned if you want to start living a better life and need a friend to point you in the right direction. I would also be honored to tell you about Souldier Week 4 Boys if you are wanting to inspire a young man in your life. We are building a better generation of leaders for the future. If you know anyone that is interested in selling commercial property, leasing commercial property, selling residential real estate or selling a business (even if confidentially), I would appreciate your referrals. I promise to respect those referrals and take good care of them. #H4E!
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