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Claudia Lee
For more than 30 Years, Ms. Townsend has worked in the Real Estate Arena specializing in the areas of Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Small Business, and Residential. Ms. Townsend has spent her career on both sides of the table. First, in the Commercial Lending Industry for two top ten Banking firms working as a Branch Manager, and second, as a expert in Small Business Lending and Commercial Lending. President of Security First Mortgage and Commercial, Ms. Townsend oversaw the development of a Bank/Mortgage Lender moving to Northern Nevada, Harborside Financial of California. As President of Security First Mortgage, Ms. Townsend received a number one rating from the State of Nevada for the operational standards of the company. Ms. Townsend has also served on several local committees; previously was as a English Instructor for Washoe County, and obtained an approval by Washoe County for a “Resume Writing Program” offered at the Reno Community Resource, but designed by Ms. Townsend. Currently, Ms. Townsend is working with developers for a vision/change to some properties in the downtown Reno area. Ms. Townsend is working closely with City Officials on their master plan and how the developers design can compliment the City’s plans. Ms. Townsend has a true passion for making the impossible into the possible, with a strong emphasis on “Wellness of the Community”. Ms. Townsend has successfully transacted millions in the acquisition and disposition, through Commercial Loans and Real Estate throughout Nevada and Arizona. As a personal hobby, Ms. Townsend studies Natural Health and Wellness, & try’s to keep a balanced life. When assisting clients in a Real Estate transaction, Ms. Townsend loves the creative aspect of Real Estate and approaches her work much like an artist would, enjoying the creation of something from nothing.
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