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Christopher Wierzbicki
Pliskin Realty and Development, Inc. is a prominent property owner. In addition, our experienced team of real estate brokers provides “Best in Class” commercial real estate brokerage services, including: Retail/Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Retail/Commercial and Multi-Family Property Management, and Preferred Retail Property Development. Since its inception over two decades ago, Pliskin has sustained a reputation for high quality, market-responsive real estate brokerage and property management services delivered with knowledge, service and integrity. The company’s primary geographic region is the New York-Metropolitan area, including New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island), and Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County). Insightful Leadership The company is led by its founder, President and CEO Jeffrey Pliskin. A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, he assumes a hands-on role in all aspects of the company’s operations. Based on his long history of property ownership, he has a shared perspective with property owners and a real understanding of their needs and those of their tenants. This insight helps assure that property owners’ priorities will be addressed and their investment objectives will be met. The Pliskin team consists of experienced real estate brokers and professionals – well-respected and connected within the industry. They are fully supported by state-of-the-art technologies, market research and analytics which keep them on the leading edge of the latest market and property developments. We go far beyond the role of a traditional real estate broker, providing a comprehensive knowledge base and complete range of services to our clients. Diverse Clientele Pliskin's team of real estate brokers serves a diverse client base, including: Leading Property Owners, Private Investors, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and National/International Retailers in categories ranging from apparel, automotive, beauty and education, to family restaurants, fast food, financial, fitness, furniture, grocery, office services,shipping and vitamins.
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