Student Housing Opportunity! Tbd 35th St., Fort Pierce FL
Listing was updated at: 06/03/2019
Property Overview
Price/Rent PSF $ 300,000.00
Asset Type Land
Trade Type Sale
Acres Available 1.70
Date Available 11/08/2018
Commission Split 3% commission
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THIS 1.69 AC. SITE IS ZONED RM-5 WITH 155 FT. FRONTAGE ON SOUTH 35TH STREET AND IS APPROXIMATELY 475 DEEP. LOCATED DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM INDIAN RIVER STATE COLLEGE. RM-5 ZONING ALLOWS FOR THE FOLLOWING USES , CONTINGENT ON COUNTY APPROVAL. . Purpose. The purpose of this district is to provide and protect an environment suitable for single-family, two-family, three-family, and multiple-family dwellings at a maximum density of five (5) dwelling units per gross acre, together with such other uses as may be necessary for and compatible with low and medium density residential surroundings. The number in ''( )'' following each identified use corresponds to the SIC Code reference described in Section 3.01.02(B). The number 999 applies to a use not defined under the SIC Code. 2. Permitted Uses: a. Community residential homes subject to the provisions of Section 7.10.07. (999) b. Family day care homes. (999) c. Family residential homes provided that such homes shall not be located within a radius of one thousand (1,000) feet of another existing such family residential home and provided that the sponsoring agency or the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) notifies the Board of County Commissioners at the time of home occupancy that the home is licensed by HRS. (999) d. Multiple-family dwellings (3 or more units). (999) e. Single-family detached dwellings. (999) f. Two-family dwellings. (999) 3. Lot Size Requirements. Lot size requirements shall be in accordance with Section 7.04. 4. Dimensional Regulations. Dimensional requirements shall be in accordance with Section 7.04.00. 5. Off-Street Parking Requirements. Off-street parking requirements shall be in accordance with Section 7.06.00. 6. Landscaping Requirements. Landscaping requirements shall be in accordance with Section 7.09.00. 7. Conditional Uses: a. Family residential homes located within a radius of one thousand (1,000) feet of another such family residential home. (999) b. Telecommunication towers - subject to the standards of Section 7.10.23. (999) 8. Accessory Uses. Accessory uses are subject to the requirements of.00.00. a. Solar energy systems, subject to the requirements of Section 7.10.28.