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Commercial real estate listings in Senatobia, MS, US

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FFA Registered Airport with Residential Lots


Frequently Asked Questions
Find all the information you need to get the most from your QuantumListing experience
Search for Free, Post for Less, Share Everywhere
QuantumListing is a commercial real estate listing site. Anyone can search all our members’ active listings for free and can set up weekly updates for listings that meet their criteria.

Posting listings is fast and easy. Premium members can post an unlimited number of listings for $89.99/year per agent. Commercial real estate listings can be added manually by the user or by our team for an additional fee. Additionally, listings may be syndicated through API’s set up with our partners, including Buildout, SharpLaunch and RealNex.

At QuantumListing, we realize the importance of social networks in today’s world, so we share our members’ listings to our social network accounts. Additionally, we make it easy for members to share their listings to their social media with just a few clicks.
How do I search commercial real estate listings on QuantumListing?
To search for commercial real estate listings on QuantumListing, look for the green magnifying glass at the top of the page and click on it. Enter the location you want to search and click on it when you see it on the drop down menu. Click the Search Filter button if you would like to narrow your search results by asset class and trade type. You can also expand or contract the search radius.

If you are not logged in, you can search from the website’s landing page. Enter the location and select it from the drop down menu.
What functions does QuantumListing provide?
Membership Levels

Visitors can search for listings and contact the agent and owner.

Basic Members can do anything a visitor can as well as easily share listings via email, post Wants listings, save listings to Favorites for future reference, create and send listing reports, make private notes on listings, and follow other QuantumListing members.

Enterprise and Individual premium members can do anything a Basic member can, plus post their commercial listings and business for sale listings. It’s just $89.99/year per agent for unlimited listings.

Premium members can advertise their listings both on QuantumListing and using the Google Display Network, and can also promote their personal or company brand on our site. Premium members have access to a suite of analytics. They can see how many views their listings and their profile have received, whether their PDFs have been downloaded, and more. QuantumListing will also create listing flyers using the images and data the member has added.

Enterprise members have the ability to add admins and agents to their account. The Enterprise account allows all of a brokerage’s listings to be added, edited, archived or deleted with a single sign in.

For a more comprehensive look at the features available at each membership level, click HERE.
How did QuantumListing get started?
QuantumListing was started by veteran commercial real estate broker and developer David Perlmutter. He was dissatisfied with the existing real estate services available. They were expensive, difficult to use on mobile devices, and had a limited set of features. In some instances, listings data was only available to registered users and often behind a paywall.

As an active member of the commercial real estate industry, he felt that the real estate listing platforms of the future should be more accessible and affordable, benefiting both brokers and owners, as well as tenants and sellers.

Over time, QuantumListing’s has expanded to create a unique mix of commercial real estate listing service and social networking features. Together, they allow anyone with an internet connection to search for free, post unlimited listings for less, and share listings everywhere.
What is QuantumListing?
QuantumListing is a commercial real estate listing service. Anyone can search all of the listings for free. Members have access to a powerful set of tools to help them market their properties.
How do I create a QuantumListing account?
Click the JOIN button at the top of the page. If you are adding listings, select Enterprise or Individual, the former if you will be adding multiple agents, and the latter if it is just for you. Select Basic if you won’t be adding listings.
How do I add a listing?
From your profile page, click the green plus sign and add images, PDFs, and the listing information. Then, click save. Your Premium Membership must be active to add listings.
Do you have a free subscription?
Yes, select Basic when joining. You’ll be able to use most of QuantumListing’s features. It is perfect for someone who wants to search for listings. You can easily upgrade to premium membership at any time from your profile page.
Why do some listings have a green line around them?
These listings are Promoted Listings, which means a QuantumListing member paid for it to show at the top of search results. To promote a listing, go to your profile page and click the 3 vertical dots on the listing card and select “Promote the listing”.
How can I get more views of my listings?
Try our on demand advertising features, such as Listing Promotion and advertising on the Google Display Network. You should also post your listing to your state Haves and Wants group.
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