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Commercial real estate listings in Brillion, WI, US

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Retail Space with Upper Apartment


Frequently Asked Questions
Find all the information you need to get the most from your QuantumListing experience
What is QuantumListing?
QuantumListing is a commercial real estate listing service. Anyone can search all of the listings for free. Members have access to a powerful set of tools to help them market their properties.
How do I create a QuantumListing account?
Click the JOIN button at the top of the page. If you are adding listings, select Enterprise or Individual, the former if you will be adding multiple agents, and the latter if it is just for you. Select Basic if you won’t be adding listings.
How do I add a listing?
From your profile page, click the green plus sign and add images, PDFs, and the listing information. Then, click save. Your Premium Membership must be active to add listings.
Do you have a free subscription?
Yes, select Basic when joining. You’ll be able to use most of QuantumListing’s features. It is perfect for someone who wants to search for listings. You can easily upgrade to premium membership at any time from your profile page.
Why do some listings have a green line around them?
These listings are Promoted Listings, which means a QuantumListing member paid for it to show at the top of search results. To promote a listing, go to your profile page and click the 3 vertical dots on the listing card and select “Promote the listing”.
How can I get more views of my listings?
Try our on demand advertising features, such as Listing Promotion and advertising on the Google Display Network. You should also post your listing to your state Haves and Wants group.
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