High Volume Gas Station with Property doing $211,000 in MS!

Listing was updated at: 07/29/2020
Property Overview
Price/Rent PSF $ 2,600,000.00
Asset Type Retail
Trade Type Sale
SQ. FT. Available 1
Date Available 03/28/2019
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Inside Sales and Liquor Store Sales of $211,000 per month! 50,000 gallons at 12 cents margin per month! ATM commission, Air Machine, and rebates over $2,500 per month! Even after paying a high payroll of $16,500, Seller makes over $42,000 per month in net profit! The only thing to pay for is your mortgage, which would be $14,000 in mortgage (20% down payment, 25-year amortization, and 6.5% interest rate). This leaves you with a net profit of $28,000 per month assuming you do not actively work at the store. You will pay off your down payment in 18 months! Seller is willing to lease-purchase for the same terms with a payoff in 3 years, which may be in your best interests in order to avoid the SBA and bank fees. Each store is run by 2 Indian couples per store that are accountable to each other, so if you prefer to retain them then that's fine. Seller is unwilling to disclose the pictures and address, without proof of funds of at least $500,000 in order for us to share the details with you. The store is beautifully constructed and we can send you pictures of the inside and outside once proof of funds is received. Asking Price of $2.6M + inventory!