Patterson NY - Land for Sale -2310 RT 22 2310 New York 22, Patterson, NY, USA
Patterson NY - Land for Sale -2310 RT 22 Patterson NY - Land for Sale -2310 RT 22 Patterson NY - Land for Sale -2310 RT 22 Patterson NY - Land for Sale -2310 RT 22
Property Overview
Price/Rent PSF $475000.00
Asset Type Land
Trade Type Sale
Acres Available 13
Date Available 08/28/2018
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ยง 154-34. Permitted principal uses. [Amended 11-15-06 by L.L. 10 of 2006] The following principal uses shall be permitted in Commercial (C-1) Districts: A. Individual retail stores not exceeding 50,000 square feet or individual stores providing personal services, except that buildings, or sites which may contain two or more retail or service operations, shall be considered a retail center, and shall be permitted by special use permit only. B. Research or biotech laboratories and facilities. C. Veterinary hospitals, exclusive of outdoor kennels. D. Greenhouses, and nurseries for wholesale and retail sales purposes. E. Restaurants. F. Health or Fitness clubs. G. Nursery schools and day-care centers. H. Active indoor and outdoor for-profit recreational sports facilities, archery ranges, swimming pools, ice skating, bowling, baseball and golf ranges, excepting amusement arcades. I. Electrical substations. J. Betting Parlors K. Business and professional offices L. Undertaker Establishments M. Small and large farms which shall also comply with the Article X [Farming, Additional Requirements] O. Banks P. Drive-in and fast food establishments


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