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Listing was updated at: 06/03/2019
Property Overview
Price/Rent PSF $ 2,500,000.00
Asset Type Land
Trade Type Sale
Acres Available INQUIRE
Date Available 05/20/2017
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The following information was given to us by Architect. But buyer must verify it. Seller doesn't guarantee it. The site has been zoned to R7x w/MIH (Mandatory Inclusionary Housing). Cannot develop the site without providing the inclusionary housing. The base FAR is 3.75 and can go up to 6.0 Hence Project Square footage shall be: Lot Area: 7,361.70sf Max. Allow Fl. Area: 44,170.20sf Quality Housing Deductions: 1,500sf Recreational Room: 1,450sf Mechanical Deductions: 1,000sf Cellar: 7,300sf Rooftop Mech, bulkheads...etc: 1,500sf Total Gross sf: 57,000sf Since the project has to be MIH---- the regulatory & Compliance requirements are much greater and the process is also a bit longer for approval. HPD approves the housing plans, approves the increase in FAR for DOB to act on it. 65 units allowed by zoning - Parking will be required beyond 50 units. We can provide parking in cellar with a slight extra excavation and then provide 2-car lifts (pretty in expensive) w/attendant parking