Agua Blanca Cattle Ranch - 16,649 AC - 26 Sq/M - 67 Sq/Km - 6,734 Ha. Ironwood Forest National Monument.

Listing was updated at: 04/23/2020
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Price/Rent PSF $ 990,000.00
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Acres Available 640.00
Date Available 08/07/2019
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Ironwood Forest National Monument is located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Created by Bill Clinton by Presidential Proclamation 7320 on June 9, 2000, the monument is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, an agency within theUnited States Department of the Interior. The monument covers 188,619 acres (76,331 ha),[2] of which 59,922 acres (24,250 ha) are non-federal and include private land holdings and Arizona State School Trust lands.
A significant concentration of Ironwood (also known as Desert Ironwood, Olneya tesota) trees is found in the monument, along with two federally recognizedendangered animal and plant species. More than 200 Hohokam and Paleo-Indianarchaeological sites have been identified in the monument, dated between 600 and 1450.
The Hohokam people were the first miners in the area. They mined andesite, which was useful for making agave knives. Andesite knives that originated from Hohokham mines within the monument perimeter have been found as far south as the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.
Silver and copper mining began in the Silver Bell Mountains around 1850 and continues today. Bighorn sheep ewes prefer mine tailings for lambing grounds because the high, steep and open terrain enables them to see and escape from predators.
The Ironwood Forest National Monument is managed for multiple uses including recreation, cattle grazing and mining, although new mining claims and motorized off-road travel are prohibited by the establishing Proclamation. Livestock grazing, which has occurred continuously for at least the last 125 years within the monument, is currently managed at very light or conservative levels of approximately one cow per every 300 to 400 acres (1.6 km2). Domestic sheep and goats are prohibited as a protection to the bighorn sheep. The Monument offers almost no surface water but contains sufficient groundwater resources.
The cattle ranchers maintain more than 80 individual man-made water sources within the monument, in addition to the 14 water sources maintained by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society. The presence of human-supplied water supports the exceptional .
Deeded Land: S2 SEC 26 S2 SEC 27 - TS13S R09E Leased Land: SEC 11,12,13,14,15,22,23,24,25,N2 26, N2 27 ,34,35,36 TS13S R09E; SEC 2,3,9,10, W2 11, W2 15,16 TS14S R09E; SEC 7,W2 17,18,19,SW4 20,29 TS13S R10E

Agua Blanca Ranch (working cattle ranch)
Total land: 26 square miles / 67.3 square km / 16,649 AC / 6,734 ha /
Deeded land: 1 square mile / 2.6 square km / 640 AC / 258 ha /
Leased land: 25 square miles / 65 square km / 16,000 AC / 6,475 ha /
Santa Fe Style Ranch House with courtyards, built in 1999 - living area 2,653 SF or 246 sq m
Roping Arena, Bunk House , Manager Quarters, Well, Solar Power, 4 Ponds,