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1501 Experiment Farm Road Troy, OH
Listing was updated at: 11/05/2018
Property Overview
Price/Rent PSF $ 40,000.00
Asset Type Land
Trade Type Sale
Acres Available 73.23
Date Available 11/05/2018
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This 73.23 acre site is located 13 miles north of the I-75/I-70 interchange and 11 miles from Dayton International Airport in Dayton, Ohio.

Strategically located between the major distribution hubs of Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.
Dayton, Ohio is centrally located in the Midwest United States with the following approximate driving times:
Cincinnati, Ohio - 45 minutes
Columbus, Ohio - 55 minutes
Indianapolis, Indiana - 2 hours
Louisville, Kentucky - 2.5 hours
Cleveland, Ohio - 4 hours
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 4 hours
Chicago, Illinois - 5 hours
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 7.5 hours
New York, New York - 9 hours

Dayton is home to many high profit and growth industries in the Defense, Aerospace, Biosciences, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Health care and Automotive sectors. There are 27 colleges and universities in the Dayton region.

Dayton is strategically located at the crossroads of America. It has a thriving array of colleges and universities with lots of big city amenities and livable communities. The mid-Ohio location offers opportunities for all major professional and many college sports teams. It is also home to the National United States Air Force Museum and Wright/Patterson Air Force Base.

Dayton has shown a sustained growth of 4.8% over the last 10 years. Ohio has been ranked as on of the top 5 business climates in the USA. Ohio as of 2017, had a state budget surplus of $1.7 billion, and is very business friendly with on of the best business location tax incentive programs in the country.

This 73.23 Acre property is $40,000 per Acre, located on Experiment Farm Road Troy, Ohio.


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