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What Is QuantumListing Lead Capture and How Do I Sign Up for It?

What is QuantumListing Lead Capture?

QuantumListing Premium members can sign up for our lead capture service. There are three different ways for you to get leads.

  1. When someone clicks on one of your listings, they will get a pop up asking if they want to submit their information to you so that you can contact them. You will get an email notification that there is a lead waiting for you, and a weekly update if you have unread leads.
  2. If you subscribe to Lead Capture, there will be a button on your profile page that visitors can click to get your help with their search. This is great for tenant reps who don’t have listings.
  3. When you sign up for Lead Capture, you will be asked for a geographic region for which you will receive leads. If someone fills out the lead form on the QuantumListing main landing page, those leads will be distributed on a rotating basis to Lead Capture subscribers covering the same geographic area.


How to Sign Up for QuantumListing Lead Capture

  1. Go to your profile page by clicking the head and shoulders avatar in the top right corner of the web page.
  2. Click on info in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Select Leads.
  4. Enter the location for which you want leads. It covers a 30 mile radius from the location you choose.
  5. Click Create Order
  6. Finish your transaction securely through PayPal.

You will need to have a current QuantumListing Premium Membership with at least 30 days remaining to subscribe to Lead Capture. If you need to renew or add on to your QuantumListing Membership, click the “Expires on” or “Expired on” link below your profile picture. Renew your membership by selecting the duration that you want and finish your transaction securely through PayPal.


Then, select Lead Capture at the top of the page, and follow steps 4 through 6 above.