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Webinar on The DNA of #CRE Survey

Watch the replay of the 1-16-19 Webinar on the DNA of #CRE survey, featuring Linda Day Harrison of theBrokerList and Ewa Baska of Buildout.

Here are links to the results reports and infographics for the broker and marketer surveys:

2017 DNA of #CRE Broker Survey Report
2017 DNA of #CRE Broker Survey Infographic
2017 DNA of #CRE Marketer Survey Report
2017 Marketer Survey Results Infographic
DNA of #CRE Broker Survey 2018 Industry Predictions

A Marketer's Tool: An Inside Perspective - DNA of #CRE - This is a link to a terrific article by Melissa Swader of SVN Desert Commercial on the survey and the webinar.

Dissecting the DNA of #CRE - A wonderful summary from the QuantumListing Blog of the webinar and what the DNA of #CRE is all about.