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[WEBINAR] Office Dealmaking from Home with Griddig

Watch the replay of our webinar with Griddig founder Dan Mihalovich Office Dealmaking from Home with Griddig. Dan will dive into Griddig's deal-making tools and show us how they are modernizing the leasing process.  


About Griddig

Griddig is a real-time, virtual office leasing template that allows its clients (landlords, tenants and brokers, among others) to more successfully navigate the office space leasing process on a mobile interface. Griddig was born out of necessity—everyone who has ever touched an office leasing deal has the scars to prove it. Whether markets are tight or sloppy, it was time to modernize our leasing process. The office leasing process is 99 percent replicable throughout the U.S., subject to idiosyncrasies, which are easily addressed on Griddig.


Click below to visit Griddig.

If you want to hear Dan's song with better sound quality, click here to listen :). Thank you Dan for being our first webinar guest to also provide live music!