[WEBINAR] Modernized Marketing for CRE

Watch the replay of our May 27th, 2020 webinar, Modernized Marketing for CRE with biproxi. Yan Khamish (Co-Founder + Head of Partnerships) and Tabitha Satterfield (Head of Sales)  lead us through an array of innovative marketing tools that will help improve your brokerage business. 

Click HERE for the slide deck used in the presentation.

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About biproxi

biproxi is the first open-access marketplace of its kind, connecting brokers to the best vendors nationwide. Developing best in class marketing strategies to move listings quicker and more efficiently, biproxi is putting more time back in your day, without any subscription fees. They integrate with a broker and their team to provide marketing solutions, vendor management, and handle all logistics. Brokers sell better with biproxi.


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