[WEBINAR] Data-Driven CRE for the Retail Recovery

Ethan Chernofsky, VP of Marketing at Placer.ai joins QuantumListing founder, David Perlmutter to share insights on the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the retail sector. Ethan tells us about which sectors have been impacted the most and which are recovering the fastest based on the anonymized location data from millions of mobile devices.

Click HERE to view the slide deck used in the presentation. 


About Placer.ai

Placer.ai is the most advanced foot traffic analytics platform allowing anyone with a stake in the physical world to instantly generate insights into any property for a deeper understanding of the factors that drive success. Placer.ai is the first platform that fully empowers professionals in retail, commercial real estate, hospitality, economic development and more to truly understand and maximize their offline activities. Find more information here: https://placer.ai/


About Ethan

Ethan Chernofsky is the VP Marketing for Placer.ai, and loves helping businesses unlock the power of location analytics. Prior to Placer, Ethan was the Director of Corporate Marketing at SimilarWeb and the Vice President of Headline Media.