[WEBINAR] 3 Data Tools for Commercial Real Estate Tech

Watch the replaly of our webinar, 3 Data Tools for Commercial Real Estate Tech. We were joined by two other CRE technology founders, including Andreas Senie of CRECO.ai and Pradeep Reddy of LandChecks. Both of their platforms provide tools to help you aggregate your commercial real estate data with the best information out there. 

LandChecks provides aggregated Virtual Due Diligence Data from various agencies, on any property wherever available for buying, selling, or leasing at your palm.

The CRE Collaborative portal enables quick access to all relevant industry data, technology and real estate networks saving real estate professionals time and money related to their use of technology. CRECO is doing for Commercial Real Estate what Kayak and Expedia have done for travel. QuantumListing looks forward to sharing details of their partnership with CRECO.