Seven things you can do from your account profile

To get to your account profile, log in, or if you are already logged in, click the silhouette icon in the top right corner of the web page.

1. Click this icon to edit your profile.

  • Add a profile pic and/or log
  • Add or edit your bio
  • Add or edit links to your social media accounts
  • Add or edit your name, phone number, email address and website
  • Change your password
  • You can add a profile pic, bio, links to your social media, add or edit your name, phone number

2. View your bio

3. Click to renew your membership

4. Click to visit the social media accounts you've added.

5.  Share your account profile via social media or email. You can also get an iFrame code to add your profile to your website or blog.

6. View your phone number, email address, website address, and invite colleagues to join QuantumListing.

7. View your Network(s). If you want to be added to other Networks, search for the Network, and click Connect. You will be notified when you have been added.