Lesson 8 - Listing Reports

We have the perfect tool for sharing listings. Sometimes sharing one listing just isn’t enough. You want to share many at one time. You're sending a survey of space to a client, you want to keep track of listings to follow up on for yourself, or you want to add them to a page on your website or blog. Learn how to use our Listing Reports.

QuantumListing makes this easy with its listing reports feature. With just a few clicks, you can add listings to reports. Then click the red report button on the right side of the screen, and share the report using all the same ways you can share a single listing, like iFrame, email, and social media.

1. Sign in to your account or register for an account if you don’t already have one. It’s free! Registering will also give you a one month trial Premium Membership, which will allow you to post an unlimited number of listings.

2. There are two ways to add a listing to a report:

A) If you are looking at a listing card, click the three vertical dots at the upper right side of the listing card and select Add to Report from the menu.

B) If you are looking at a listing detail page, click the plus sign in the vertical gray tool bar below the listing image.



3.Once you’ve selected the listing(s) you want to send, click the red report icon on the right hand side of the screen to view your report. 

4. Sort reported listings by date or price, using the widget in the right hand corner.

Additionally, with the corresponding icons, you can download the report, email it, “trash” it, or even create an iFrame code to embed the report on your website or blog!”


Try creating a listing report.

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