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Lesson 6: Sharing your profile to your professional network

Are you sharing your listings to your entire professional network? Today's lesson is an important tip that will allow you to share your QuantumListing profile and listings to your professional network in less than a minute. 

As the largest business network in the world, LinkedIn is a valuable place to share your QuantumListing profile. You’re already connected with those in your professional network on LinkedIn. By adding your QuantumListing profile to LinkedIn, you are creating yet another opportunity for your listings to get more exposure in relevant communities.  Watch the short video below to see how fast and easy it is to share your profile to LinkedIn. And, it is just as simple to share it to Facebook and Twitter, too!

For a full webinar on sharing between QuantumListing and all of your favorite social media networks, click here.

Share your QuantumListing Profile to LinkedIn now!

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