Lesson 4: Groups

​​​​​​Now that we've covered Networks, we are going to focus on something similar but on a smaller scale, Groups. On QuantumListing, you can join any groups open to the public or you can start your own group and invite colleagues. Groups are a great way to connect, share information and chat with those whom you already or want to do business.

You access your QuantumListing Groups by clicking on Groups in the left hand sidebar menu. The sub-menu is revealed showing three options, My Groups, Group Members, and Group Listings

Join a group by clicking on My Groups, and then scroll down the list or search for the Group that appeals to you.

Click on the + sign to the right of the group name, and then click Yes in the pop up confirming you want to join the group.

Pro tip: Post your Wants in your state Wants Group.

Visit your groups now.

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