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Lesson 3: Networks

In this lesson, we want to highlight the QuantumListing Networks. Our networks are a distinguishing characteristic of QuantumListing. All users are automatically put into a network and you are welcome to join any additional networks that are of interest. This gives you online proximity to the people in your geographic area that you are most likely to do business with.

You access QuantumListing Networks from the left hand sidebar on your profile page:

After you join QuantumListing, we add you to a network based on your listings' locations or if you don't have listings, based on your telephone area code, usually within the first 24 hours. 

You can join other nettworks. Select the Network you want to join, and click Connect. The Network Admin will get a request to admit you to the Network. Upon acceptance, you will get an email confirming your Network membership.

Here are the steps you should take to explore QuantumListing Networks:

From your Profile page, select Networks from the left sidebar menu.

Next, explore the Networks Menu:

To join other networks, click on My Networks in the Networks sub-menu, and then search for the networks you want to join. Click Connect to request admission to the Network.

Try it now!

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