Lesson 2: Add social media links

To add your social media links, you need to be signed into your account.  If you see the Log In and Free Trial buttons at the top right of the screen, click on the Log In button. Once you are signed in you will be redirected to your Profile Page.

If you are already signed in, you’ll see the button with the outline of a head and shoulders at the top right. Click on that button and you will go to your Profile Page.

1. Once you are on your Profile Page, click on the small edit profile button to the right of the profile picture circle. It looks like a small pencil and paper.

Once you have clicked on the profile edit button, scroll past the profile picture to the area where you can add your social media links. Copy and paste the URLs from your account page on your social media accounts into the corresponding line on your QuantumListing Profile page. Here's an example:

While we're here editing your account profile, let's take another minute to really make your profile shine. Add a bio in the About Me box! Many QuantumListing members copy and paste their bios from their company websites. Others write something original. Whatever you do, make sure you write in complete sentences and check it twice for spelling and grammar. We want to make sure you look good when the world comes knocking on your door.

Now, you try it!

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