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Lesson 11: Listing Titles

When adding a listing, we recommend that you add the city and state to the listing title. There are a couple of reasons why you should do this.

The first is search engine optimization (SEO). We believe your listing will rank higher in search if the address is included in the title.

Also, when your listing is added to QuantumListing, it is added to a queue to be shared to social media. If someone is searching on any of these platforms, they are more likely to be searching "Houston, TX" then "Prime office space." So, it is more likely that your listing will show up in more searches.

Your listing title can have up to 80 characters, so be thoughtful, concise and creative. Approach the title as if you were someone that had no idea about what you were to look at. Make the title informative and enticing so that they will click through, and hopefully contact you for additional information.

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