Lesson 1: Add a profile picture

  1. Adding a profile picture shows the world that you’re a real live human being. It builds trust between you and the viewer. This makes people more likely to engage with your profile, so you can build relationships and get deals done. Users with profile pictures get more views.

    To edit your profile and add a profile picture, you need to be signed in to your account. If you see the Log In and Free Trial buttons at the top right of the screen, click on the Log In button. Once you are signed in you will be redirected to your Profile Page.

    If you are already signed in, you’ll see the button with the outline of a head and shoulders at the top right. Click on that button and you will go to your Profile Page.


    1. Once you are on your Profile Page, click on the small edit profile button to the right of the profile picture circle. It looks like a small pencil and paper.


    2. You can add a profile picture by clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the profile picture circle. Profile picture file size needs to be 500kb or less. If your picture doesn't load, that is the most likely reason why.

    Some users add a photo of themselves, others their company logo. Be creative!

  2. Now, you try it!

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