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How to Use QuantumListing for CRE Networking

Watch the replay of our webinar in which we show you how to use QuantumListing to network in various ways. Use our features to share your profile including all of your listings to your social networks, share individual listings to your networks. Additionally, all QuantumListing members are added to statewide networks and groups, which they can use to stay abreast of what is happening in their markets. With QuantumListing Groups, you can market your listings to your fellow group members via Group Chat or peer to peer chat. QuantumListing will work with you to set up your own network, too which you can then use to send email blasts to your fellow network members. You can also start your own group, choosing if you want it to be public or private and deciding if you want to allow members to invite colleagues. As with your favorite social networks, you can follow other QuantumListing members, and they can follow you.