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How to syndicate my listings to

1. To syndicate your listings to LDCRE and their network of hundreds of local newspapers, you must first go to to set up an account. 

2. Go to your profile page. Click on the Info link on the sidebar on the left hand side of the profile page.

3  Click on Syndications and then select Connect to Leavitt Digital.

4. Enter your LDCRE user name and password. You were give an API key when you registered for Copy and paste it into the form.

5. If it doesn't autopopulate (and it should!) copy and paste the API Secret: 8dfa07Fe2qf3rg5ad6rv274saLt into the form.

You'll have a choice to syndicate all of your listings automatically. If you do not select this option, you can select which listings to syndicate by following these steps.

a. From your profile page, click the three vertical dots on the listing card of the listing you want to syndicate and then select Edit.

b. At the bottom of the listing form, select the Syndicate box.

c. Click Edit to save.

If you are a customer, you may already be syndicating your listings to from Buildout. If this is the case, it is not necessary for you to also syndicate your listings through QuantumListing.