How to pay for a QuantumListing membership



1. Log in to Quantumlisting.com. You will be automatically taken to your Profile page. If you are already on the site and logged in, click the silhouette icon in the upper right corner to go to your Profile Page.


2. To pay if your account has expired, click the words Expired on MM/DD/YYYY. To extend the membership of an active account, click where it it says Active to MM/DD/YYYY.


3. Select the payment plan. There will be different payment plan screens for Individual and Enterprise Members. 
The screen for Individual members looks like this:

The screen for Enterprise members looks like this:


4. After you select a membership plan, you will be brought to the PayPal site. Follow the instructions on PayPal to pay for your membership.


That's all you need to do to renew or pay for your QuantumListing membership!