How to get my listing pictures to transfer from buildout to QuantumListing

Buildout requires that you authorize the syndication of images, to confirm that you have the copyright to those images. There are two ways to do this.

1. When you check the box to syndicate your listings to QuantumListing, click the radio button that says "I agree that I have the correct copyright to use these photos." All photos will be syndicated.

2. Or, if you leave the radio button on the default selection, "I would like to manually approve each photo. No photos will be syndicated until I check the box next to each photo," you will have to go to each listing and click the syndication box next to the photos you want syndicated to QuantumListing.

If you have already syndicated your listings and are not seeing your pictures, this is most likely why. You can either follow the instructions in 2 above, or do the following:

If you have not selected the automatic syndication of your listings, and don't want to go through the process of selecting each photo for each listing, disconnect syndication, and then reselect Connect syndication, selecting the I agree that I have the correct copyright to use these photos. All photos will be syndicated" option.

If any photos are found to have watermarks from other listing sites, you will be asked to remove those photos.