How to add a listing on Quantumlisting.com

***Please check the Known Issues article if you are experiencing any problems.***

1. You need to be a registered Premium Member to add a listing. Click on the green Free Trial button at the top right of the home page page to register if you are not already a Premium Member.


2. You add listings from your Profile Page. Log in by clicking the Log In button and you will automatically go to your Profile Page. If you are already logged in, you may access your Profile Page by clicking on the icon of the head and shoulders at the top right of the page.


3. Once you are on your Profile Page, click on the Add Listing button. It is a green circle with a + symbol near the top right of the page. 


4. The Add Listing window will pop up on the screen for you to enter your information. Enter the information.

• The following fields are mandatory when entering a listing:

• Listing Title

• Price/Rent (if you put in 0 in will show up as "Inquire")

• Select the Asset Type

• Whether the property is for lease, sale, or both

• Sq. Ft. or Acres Available. Acres is only an option for land. (you can enter 0 if you want)

• Enter the address in the Location box, making sure you click on the correct address in the drop down list.

• Feature image, either a PDF (temporarily unavailable), JPG or PNG file (For best results, add a picture or pictures first, even if it is just a screenshot of your PDF. You can then add a PDF). Mark a featured image, otherwise the first image added is the featured image.

• Date Available

• Any other information is optional. You can add additional photos up to a total of 10MB. You can also add a link to a YouTube video of your listing.


5. Make sure these two boxes are checked to make sure your listings are available to the public:


6. Click Add Listing to save your listing.