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13 Jan 2019
I was chatting on Twitter with a potential new QuantumListing user. He was saying that because of the strong demand in his market (big industrial - Los Angeles), he has run out of listings. Here's my... Read more
12 Apr 2020
After a couple of weeks, we've had 65 downloads of the QuantumListing App, and 150 listings uploaded. We've netted $126 on app sales from the App Store (2 x 1 year, 2 x 1 month). However, we did start... Read more
15 Jan 2019
Not everyone has an iPhone. There are a heck of a lot of people with Android phones, and even some Blackberry and Windows phone users. People would rather spend money on new hardware than get n... Read more
15 Jan 2019
All systems are GO! We have gotten over the GoDaddy email problem that was plaguing us for the last week. The only good thing to come out of it was a lesson in how not to give customer service. But, l... Read more
15 Jan 2019
Ok, we won't paint your house, cut the grass, or wash your windows. But we will register an account for you, upgrade you to Premium Membership, and if you send us your commercial real estate PDFs, we'... Read more