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01 Jan 2017
It's May of 1986. I pull into the parking lot of 45 Knollwood Road in Elmsford, NY in my S10 Chevy Blazer for my first day of work at N. Peter Burton, Westchester County, Inc.  I'm guessing Robert Pal... Read more
13 Jan 2019
Click here to take this week's 24 hour, one question Twitter poll: Where Do You Plan on Doing Most of Your Holiday Shopping? The poll is open until December 1st at 7:00 pm EST. We'll post the resu... Read more
21 Dec 2018
Congratulations, you've downloaded the QuantumListing app (or in case you have not, go to and click on the App Store link). Now what do you do? Make sure you click on the a... Read more
13 Jan 2019
Yesterday, we started a 24 hour poll on Twitter, asking the question "Is the term 'disruption' overused or misused in relation to commercial real estate?" The results are in and 57% of the respond... Read more
13 Jan 2019
Do you know where your next lead is coming from? If you are a broker or owner like me, you've got a lot of deals in the pipeline but you probably have room for some more. We have to keep feeding the m... Read more