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07 Jul 2019
Andrew Bermudez, Co-Founder and CEO of Digsy was our guest recently on our weekly webinar. His focus was online tools that commercial real estate professionals can use to generate leads without cold calling. This is the second of a two part series that covers these essential tools. Read more
01 Jul 2019
Digsy Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Bermudez builds on his experience as a commercial real estate broker to share more than a dozen and a half tools to harness the internet’s treasure trove of data to generate leads. Read more
23 Jun 2019
More than ever, having an online presence is a necessity for commercial real estate marketing campaigns to be successful. Read more
20 Jun 2019
To get things started with the second part of our talk on Multifamily and Affordable Property with Principle of Pursuit CRE, George Kruse, we wanted to discuss the idea, shared by many, that the US is currently going through an affordable housing crisis. Read more
17 Jun 2019
To learn more about the state of the Multifamily and Affordable housing market in the US, we decided to get in touch with a leading expert in the field and Principle at Pursuit CRE, George Kruse. Read more