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01 Jan 2017

Activation Frustration! Vacation Consolation?

GoDaddy is the ISP that we use. They have had some problem with one of their email services, the result of which is that the activation emails, and support inquiries that use the em...
28 Aug 2016

Here's Hoping

We're using PropertySend to do an email blast for QuantumListing today. I am looking forward to seeing the results. If you got here today via PropertySend, let us know. I'll be taking the afternoon o...
02 Jul 2017

What is QuantumListing?

Download QuantumListing Now or visit What is QuantumListing? It's a mobile commercial real estate app for publishing and sharing your listings. It is fast and easy and design...
28 Aug 2016

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? Adventures on the #CRETech Road

I was going to use one of the big commercial real estate email services today to send out a major blast for QuantumListing. However, I am concerned that the registration and activation process is stil...