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17 Nov 2019
Did you know QuantumListing connects you directly to your listings’ leads? We want you to get more leads on your real estate listings and we want it to come easy. Because of that, we added several on demand features so far this year in order to deliver leads directly into your inbox and cut out all the work in between. With QuantumListing’s lead capture, you will close more deals with less time and energy spent. Read more
10 Nov 2019
Studies show that 95% of people do not go beyond page 1 of the search results, whether it is on Google or a website like QuantumListing. That is why we added our Listing Promotion feature earlier this year to help you control where your listing shows up on our site. Read more
03 Nov 2019
Fun fact: Phoenix, Arizona is the only state capital with a population exceeding one million residents! It is also the subject of this installment of our City Stories. Read more
28 Oct 2019
Earlier this month, QuantumListing attended the 2019 CREtech New York conference at Dock 72 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. With innovation within the commercial real estate tech industry at an all-time rate of growth, over two thousand attendees came together on October 16th and 17th to meet and share ideas for the future of the industry. Read more
21 Oct 2019
QuantumListing users have called our site the LinkedIn or Facebook of listing services. There are many features that make QuantumListing a blend between a commercial real estate marketplace and a social media platform. Not only can you share your listings and entire profile externally to all of your social media accounts, but there are also many internal features that allow you to interact with other users. Read more