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28 Jun 2016

Disruption - Overused, Misused, or For Real?

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28 Jun 2016

Gifts to Get Yourself

Here is the QuantumListing Holiday Guide for Gifts to Get Yourself. Because, if you don't get it for yourself, can you really count on anyone else to get it for you? Best of all, no wrapping is requir...
01 Jan 2017

Ten Reasons You Will Love QuantumListing

QuantumListing is a new crowd-sourced mobile listing app for commercial real estate agents, owners and tenants. It is currently available for iOS. Download it by clicking here.  The Android version wi...
01 Jan 2017

Are You Tired of Paying Big Bucks for CRE Information?

Are you tired of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for real estate information? Hi, I'm David Perlmutter, and I've owned and operated an independent commercial real estate broke...
30 Sep 2016

New Ad for QuantumListing

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