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01 Jun 2020
Although May 2020 is a month many would like to forget, we thank you for inspiring us to get to new heights every day. Read more
26 May 2020
Even though ICSC RECon was canceled this year, we still wanted to spend time with our colleagues in the retail community, so we reimagined our #LetsGetSmart speaker series as an open mic with an accompanying survey. Check out the results, they are fascinating. Read more
18 May 2020
One of the highlights for me of ICSC RECon is our Wednesday #LetsGetSmart Speaker Series. RECon has been cancelled but #LetsGetSmart is not. Read more
11 May 2020
Although QuantumListing is very easy to use, it is packed with features, many of which are innovations unique to our listing service. Here are five features that help you get more views of your listings, more leads, and help enhance others' awareness of your brand. Read more
04 May 2020
Inspiration for blog posts often comes from surprising sources. This one is thanks to my older brother's questions. Read more