by David Perlmutter

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Well, I'm not sure I would have predicted this, but according to the results of our most recent Twitter poll, it's all about the Benjamins. We asked the question "Which would you rather have more of than you have now?" The choices for answers were "More free time," "More money," and "I'm Satisfied as is." Here are the results:

With 101 responses, the results were overwhelmingly in support of More money with 68%. The runner up was More free time with 24% with a mere 8% being satisfied with both. I'm willing to bet that a significant plurality of the 68% has bought Powerball tickets for the projected $1.3 billion prize, and probably a good chunk of the rest.
In an informal poll of my own household, 60% answered more money, 40% answered more time. Can you guess which camp I was in?
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