by David Perlmutter

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

But if you try sometime, well you just might find you get what you need. The Rolling Stones were on to something.

Your Wants

As a commercial real estate listing service, we are a two sided marketplace. We serve people who have commercial real estate, and those that want it as well.

Sometimes, what you are searching for is not available when and where you are looking for it, whether it’s QuantumListing or any other listing service. Crowdsourcing that search to see if someone has what you want is an alternative, proactive solution. 

Imagine one of your colleagues sees your post. They have a listing that matches your requirement.  They can get in touch with you to see if your Want and their Have are a good fit.

To post your commercial listings, you have to be a paid premium member. However, if you only need to post your Wants, you can do that as a free Basic member. It is fast and easy. Read this short article from our How It Works section to learn more about how to post your Wants.

As a long time commercial broker, I understand that many in our community don’t like to acknowledge that they may not already have all the answers. But, in my experience, reaching out to colleagues can often be the best way to serve our customers.

How Can You Make Sure Your Wants Get Seen?

Now that you’ve posted a Want or three, how can you make sure that someone sees it? Sure, QuantumListing has great search engine optimization, but it takes time for search engines to index new listings. We recommend that you be just as proactive with your Wants listings as you are with your Haves.

Here are ways you can use other QuantumListing real estate marketing features to get more eyeballs on your Wants listing. 

Post to Social Networking Platforms 

To the right of the featured Wanted image on your Wants listing’s detail page, you’ll notice the red sharing icon.

Click on that and then pick the social networking site to which you would like to share your listing (it works for your Haves listings, too). You have a choice of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter,


If for instance, you select LinkedIn,  a new window opens on LinkedIn. The Wanted image will be added to the listing and then you can click Share in a post, or Send as a private message, whichever you prefer. Enter a brief message, add any hashtags that you think will get more real estate agents, buyers or tenants to see your post. Then, click the Post button.

It will look like this:

Because LinkedIn is the largest business social network, it’s a great way to reach your potential audience.

Another way to spread the message that you have a Want listing is by using QuantumListing’s Group Chat feature. If you are a premium member, we assign you to a group based on your geographic location. You can post a message in the Group chat about your want, including a hyperlink to the Wants listing. 

This will get your message shared to a very targeted audience of our registered users, and it’s included in your QuantumListing membership. Members of the group will get a notification at the end of the day informing them there is a new post in their group chat. There’s a link to go to the chat in the notification.

You can also use email to share your Want. Open the Want listing and click on the same red sharing icon you used to get to the social media icons. Instead of clicking on one of those, click on the email icon. A form will open up on that page.

If you would like to send it to one or a few people, enter their email addresses separated by commas. If you prefer to send it to a larger group, you can click on the button to upload your own list. The list should be a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file containing one column with email addresses only.

Add a subject to the email and a brief message of 150 characters or less.

Click send and your recipients will get an email that looks like this:

If you are a paid premium member, we include one email blast in your membership benefits. We’ll send out your Have or Want listing to our list for your state. Contact [email protected] to set up your email blast. 

You can also subscribe to get additional email blasts in our Marketing Center.

Promote Your Wants Listing

If you want to make sure that everyone who is searching in your market sees your Want listing, we recommend that you promote your listing. Promoted listings show at the top of search results on our site in that listing’s market. 

To promote a Want listing, click on the Wants section on the left hand side of your profile page. Then click on the three dots at the top of the listing card and select Promote this Want. Once you have clicked that, you’ll be brought to a new page. Click on the listing title to verify that you want to promote your listing. 

Once you click on the listing title, a green radio button will light. You can then choose whether you want to promote your listing for a week for $2.50 or a month for $7.50.

You’ll be sent to PayPal to securely complete your transaction.

Your promoted listing will then show up at the top of search results in its market. It will be identified as a promoted listing with a green line surrounding the listing card.

Here’s an example of promoted listings:


Let’s return to the Rolling Stones. We think that QuantumListing’s Wants combined with the features highlighted in this article are powerful resources. They will help you do what it takes to get the satisfaction of getting another deal closed.