by Julia Perlmutter

Wrapping Up the Decade: 2019 with QuantumListing

2019 brought a lot of exciting new features to QuantumListing such as our Suite of On-Demand Advertising Options that help to give your brand more exposure and your listings more leads and views.  These new additions included listing promotion, brand promotion, and Google Advertising. We also introduced our lead capture functions in 2019, and premium members have been enjoying connecting with their leads.


Suite of On Demand Advertising

Listing Promotion

When you’re in a crunch and need to get your listing that extra push, listing promotion is the perfect feature.

All you have to do is click promote your listing from your profile page, the payment page, or even the listing’s drop down menu and then select the listing you want pushed to the top of your market. Studies show that 95% of people don’t go past page one of search results, so why waste time having your listings on the fourth, third, or even second page?

Brand Promotion

Just as Listing Promotion brings your listings to the top, brand promotion brings your company, sales team or personal brand to the front of your market. Create a small 500 px by 600 px design including your company logo or your own personal headshot and your tagline. For an example of a company’s brand promotion banner, see below.

Brand Promotion Example

To learn how to promote your brand to potential buyers, sellers and tenants, check out this article and as always, you can contact the QuantumListing team for help with your design.

Online Advertising

You can now use QuantumListing’s Google Adwords network to advertise your listings through our starting at $25 per listing. All you have to do is select your budget for each listing and then wait to see how it does! You can check your analytics under the info section and can even modify the budget per listing. It’s important to note that it can take about a day before your order is approved by Google.

Lead Capture

With any active QuantumListing membership, you will receive all leads from your own listings. When someone looks at your listing, a popup will appear upon 10-15 seconds of opening the listing and then users can input their contact information. This will then be sent to you via email and appear under the Lead section on your profile page so that you can reach out to the prospect. 

An example of the Lead Capture form


If you are a tenant rep interested in lead generation, we have a solution. There is another part of the website that brings you leads from your entire market. 

On the QuantumListing homepage, there is a search request form that users can fill out to describe what they are looking for. For only $10/month you can subscribe to these leads which will be sent out to your market on a rotating basis. 


Mass Email Functionality

Email: It’s A Blast

As of this year, you can now blast out your listings to your own proprietary email list with just the click of a few buttons. If you are paying for an expensive mass email service only to blast out listings, this is a great and cheaper alternative. This mass email feature is included in your premium membership and does not cost anything additional. 

Network Emails

All QuantumListing users are added to a network based on their location where they can view other listings in their area and interact with local brokers. Because we want to help get your listings as many leads as possible, we added an email format that you can blast out to your entire network. 

One user took advantage of this feature earlier this fall when he was in need of a buyer and within an hour of blasting out to his network, he received a verbal offer. If you’re interested in trying this out, contact [email protected]


Increases in Traffic, Users, Listings

In addition to the expansion of features that QuantumListing added this year, we also saw peak numbers in our web traffic, user growth, and active listings. At the end of last year, we had 3578 users and we are projected to have over 5,000 users by the end of 2019. With more users joining QuantumListing, we naturally saw more and more visitors searching our website. This is what founder David Perlmutter calls the virtuous circle of traffic compounding:

"Our traffic is growing 10-15% a month, and compounding is your friend. So, we're growing really quickly, which is really exciting and it's sort of a virtuous circle where the more listings we have, the more views we get, the more people come from Google and then more people add more listings. The last five or six months each month, at least, we've been setting new traffic records for ourselves so again, compounding is your friend." 


Looking Forward

In QuantumListing’s four years of running, we have not yet raised prices. We consider ourselves to be a very fair company, which is why we are raising our prices by just $10 come 2020. 

Because we love our customers, we are giving you all a tremendous deal to kickstart the new pricing. When you renew your membership between now and New Years, you will receive an equivalent dollar amount in goodies! So if you renew your membership now, you won’t even be affected by the new pricing in 2020.