We conducted a poll on Twitter this week asking "What is the best source of customer acquisition?"

The results while not shocking, are definitely conclusive. Twitter allows up to four possible answers. Here are the choices we gave and the results:

Inbound Marketing - 12%
Outbound Marketing - 12%
Word of Mouth Marketing - 56%
Content Marketing - 20%

Word of mouth has more votes than the other three choices combined. Many of us, including me, don't feel comfortable asking our customers to recommend us to others. The poll results clearly indicate that getting over that inhibition is a pathway to more business, and we would be well served to make it a habit. We still have to go out and earn that business, but a recommendation from a trusted colleague gives a tremendous head start.

I value having you as a QuantumListing member, and hope that you have been able to get a benefit from using QuantumListing. And now, I'm going to take my own advice. If you can spare a moment to do one or more of the following, it would be greatly appreciated:

1. Tell one or more colleagues about QuantumListing
2. Spread the word about QuantumListing on your social media.
3. Send me a testimonial that I can put on the QuantumListing website, either on the homepage or in a blog post.
4. If you don't feel you can recommend QuantumListing, drop me a note as to why not.


David Perlmutter

The foregoing is an email I sent to QuantumListing users. Here is the original Twitter poll referenced in the email: