by Julia Perlmutter

Why Do You Host So Many Webinars? 


"Why do you host so many webinars?"

This was a question I received recently. To be completely honest, it came from my brother. He is in private equity and I admire his pragmatism.  

Maybe you too are wondering why a commercial real estate listing service spends so much of their time and energy on these webinars.  

Do people even watch? If so, please tell me you have tracked the ROI?  

Also, some of the webinars aren’t even explicitly about commercial real estate. Why are you hosting authors with book titles such as Indistractable, and Successful Leaders Aren’t Bullies

Do you just do these for fun?  

These are all great questions. 

Since I joined QuantumListing’s journey in the fall of 2018, we have hosted a webinar nearly every Wednesday. Yes, they do get exhausting to organize sometimes but they are so worth it.  


Why are weekly webinars worth it for you, a listing service? 

  1. We are a small company and we need to connect with people in order to grow. We don’t just mean to grow as a business, we also mean as professionals and more importantly, as people.  
  2. At QuantumListing, we see commercial real estate and CRE tech  as collegial businesses as much as they are competitive. Our webinar guests help us create this environment for change within the industry. We cannot do it alone. 
  3. While webinars allow us to network, they also help us display our personal brands and tell our stories. 

For example, I recently listened to a podcast from several years ago in which our founder David explains what compelled him to start QuantumListing. Then, last week during a live web meeting, David brought up the same idea. 


The good news?  

The mission originally set has not changed. Back then, he wanted to create a listing service that is affordable for everyone. That is still what he has sought out to do. Click here to read more about QuantumListing’s Story.  

If you’re still confused, that’s okay. In short, we like getting to know our users and others who share our passion to change the industry. We think of webinars as the wind that carries us forward on this path.  


Join the Webinar All Star Team

Believe it or not, we’ve even had some people ask to be automatically signed up for every webinar. Maybe we should have an all star registrant group?  

With that being said, we are excited to announce our upcoming weekly webinar schedule for the next two months. You can click below to sign up for any of them. If you’d like to sign up for all of them, you can click here and join our first team of All Star Webinar Participants. And yes, we miss sports.  


Upcoming Webinars 

On May 6, Andrew Bermudez of Digsy will be teaching us How to Instantly Generate Leads

On May 13, Co-Founder of, Andrew Flint, will talk about The Virtual Transaction  

The week of May 20 would have been ICSC RECon and we are sure there will be something in store for you. Sadly, we will not be able to provide you with In N Out Burgers this year.  

Biproxi will walk us through Modernized Marketing for CRE on May 27 

If you’re familiar with The News Funnel, get ready for The News Funnel 2.0 on June 10. 

June 17: Data Driven CRE in a Pandemic 

June 24:  Intro to Buildout with Ewa Baska